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Can I paint my MHU or hang picture frames?

Painting or otherwise altering the interior or exterior appearance of your MHU is not allowed. However, you can make small adjustments that would qualify as normal wear-and-tear, such as putting small nails in the wall to hang picture frames.  

What happens if there is an issue with the MHU or an appliance in the MHU?

FEMA conducts periodic monthly inspections to make sure the stove, fridge, and heating/air conditioning system work properly, the unit sits level on its blocks, pipes have no leaks, and the doors do not jam, among other things. If you have issues with an appliance or the MHU, call 800-335-8546.  

Does my MHU come with a security system?

FEMA MHUs are not equipped with a security system. If you need a security system installed, you must contact FEMA for written approval to install a security system.  

I want cable and internet in my MHU. How should I get them installed?

FEMA does not pay for cable or internet services. You can start by calling your preferred provider to see if they install cable and internet in mobile homes. If they do, then they are authorized to drill holes necessary for running cable in accordance with their normal installation procedure. If your provider charges an installation … Continued

Will I get a washer and dryer?

While washers and dryers can be hooked-up in the MHU, you will have to purchase or provide those appliances yourself.  

What happens if I lose power to my MHU?

FEMA is providing power and all utilities to all group sites. Power and electricity for the Gridley site will be managed by FEMA through the GSA lease of contracted services. If you lose power, notify the Group site management office located on the property. If outside business hours, call the maintenance number provided. If you … Continued

Can I keep my pets in my MHU?

You can keep up to two domesticated animals (cat or dog) in your MHU. They must wear ID tags at all times and be up to date on their shots. Pets cannot be left unattended outside of the MHU and must be leashed at all times. No pens or kennels are allowed outside of the … Continued

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