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NWS Issues Flash Flood Warning Thru Nov. 29 at 9:15pm

Posted on November 29, 2018

The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood WARNING for the Camp Fire burn scars and impact areas from 11:51 AM, November 29 until 9:15 PM, November 29.

If you are in the Camp Fire burn scar or impact area you may be at a high risk of debris flows and flash flooding due to heavy rain. A Flash Flood WARNING indicates that flash flooding is occurring, or is imminent.

Flash flooding is a dangerous and life-threatening situation. Due to the dynamic nature of debris flow and flash flood events, residents should not wait for an evacuation order to take action.

In the event that generalized flooding conditions exist at the time of the Flash Flood WARNING, the warning area may be expanded to cover additional locations downstream of the fire perimeter.

If you are in the impacted area or are located near a waterway downstream from the impacted area, you should be prepared to immediately evacuate to high ground in the event of heavy rainfall, an evacuation notice, or any evidence of soil instability in your area.

Call 911 if you see any evidence of soil instability or debris flow in your localized area.

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