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Feather River Canyon

North Complex Fire Recovery Information

The Deadline to enroll in the Private Hazard Tree Removal Program is April 30, 2021. Enrollment requires the submission of an approved Arborist's/Forester's Certification Form or Inspection Access Form. Please Note: If you have submitted an ROE form for the Government Program, you are already enrolled in a tree removal program, this deadline does not apply to you. 

What is a Hazard Tree?

A Hazard Tree is defined as a wildfire-damaged tree that in the professional opinion of an Arborist and/or Forester:
• has been so severely damaged by the North Complex Fire that its structural integrity is compromised; and
• poses an imminent danger of falling onto
a. roads and/or right-of-ways of County-maintained roads; or
b. public improved property in the unincorporated areas of the North Complex Fire area.

Check the  Hazard Tree Removal Map to learn more about Eligible Roads or Parcels. The roads or sections of roads highlighted in green are the Eligible Roads and Parcels, therefore property owners must remove Hazard Trees that threaten the designated roads, rights-of-way and/or parcels.


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