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Debris Removal-Phase II

Debris Removal-Phase II

Property Owners whose homes or other structures burned in the North Complex Fire must sign up for Phase II Debris Removal. Property Owners can sign up for the Government Program by submitting a Right-of-Entry (ROE) form by  February 15, 2021. Property Owners who choose to hire a private contractor and consultant(s) must sign up for the Alternative Fire Debris Removal Program (Alternative Program) by completing an application and submitting a work plan to Butte County Environmental Health.

The Government Debris Removal Program (Government Program) is available at no out-of-pocket cost to property owners who complete and sign a Right-of-Entry (ROE) form to allow access to their private property for the removal of Fire Debris.

The Alternative Fire Debris Removal Program (Alternative Program) is available to Property Owners who choose not to enter the Government Program. In the Alternative Program, Property Owners can hire properly licensed and certified contractors and consultants to complete their cleanup. The deadline to enroll in the Alternative Program is April 1, 2021.


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