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Housing and Shelter

Sheltering Hotline: 530.552.6150

Evacuated residents are encouraged to reach out to friends and family to make a plan for themselves and their animals. Residents impacted by the North Complex Fire in need of sheltering assistance can call the Shelter Hotline at 530.552.6150 or email NorthComplexSheltering@ButteCounty.net. If you are evacuated or in non-congregate shelter, you may call this hotline if you have any questions or concerns. The Sheltering Hotline is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am-4:30pm.

Temporary Housing

The Butte County Board of Supervisors passed an urgency ordinance on September 29, 2020 allowing temporary housing opportunities inside and outside the boundaries of the North Complex Fire zone. The urgency ordinance shall remain in effect until December 31, 2023 unless extended or modified by the Board. Please note: Based on the Butte County Health Officer’s hazard advisory, the Butte County Board of Supervisors prohibited residing on property with fire debris from a qualified structure.

Helpful Information and Links

FEMA Housing Assistance Fact Sheet

Available Rental Opportunities in Butte County – This information is current as of February 24, 2021.



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