Butte County Recovers-The official website for Butte County disaster response and recovery


Animal Sheltering Hotline: 530.895.0000

Butte County Animal Control is urging residents to check the Pet Harbor Website frequently to see if their missing pet might be one of the unclaimed pets currently being sheltered. Residents can email reunification@nvadg.org or call 530.895.0000 to reclaim their pet.

Evacuees who are unable to care for their animals are encouraged to check with friends or family to find a long term solution that will support the animal and family needs.

Butte County is unable to facilitate fostering of owned animals; however, residents who are willing and able to foster affected animals are encouraged to look into connection tools such as social media or fostering websites such as www.911fosterpets.com. Animal owners in need of animal fostering are encouraged to also look into these tools to find a temporary home for their animals.

Deceased Animals

In the unfortunate event that you will need a deceased animal removed from your property, you can call the Animal Hotline at 530.895.0000. In addition to calling, you can email a removal request:

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