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North Complex Tree Removal

Tree Removal on Private Property

Butte County requires property owners to remove Hazard Trees that were severely damaged by the North Complex Fire and that pose an imminent danger of falling onto an Eligible Road or Parcel.

A Hazard Tree is defined as a wildfire-damaged tree that in the professional opinion of an Arborist and/or Forester:

  • has been so severely damaged by the North Complex Fire that its structural integrity is compromised; and
  • poses an imminent danger of falling onto
    a. roads and/or right-of-ways of County-maintained roads; or
    b. public improved property in the unincorporated areas of the North Complex Fire area.

A Hazard Tree may cause physical injury or damage to persons or property and creates a serious threat to the public health, safety and welfare and therefore constitutes a public nuisance.

An Eligible Road or Parcel are those roads or parcels designated on the Hazard Tree Removal Map . The roads or sections of roads highlighted in green are the Eligible Roads and Parcels, therefore property owners must remove Hazard Trees that threaten the designated roads, rights-of-way and/or parcels. Please note that certain private roads may be added to the map at a later date.

Property owners who live on one of the Eligible Roads or Parcels must enroll in either the Government Debris Removal Program or the Private Hazard Tree Removal Program.

Hazard Tree Removal

Hazard Trees will be removed from the Eligible Roads or Parcels by Cal OES and its contractors at no cost to property owners if the property owner has signed up for the Government Debris Removal Program. Once the property owner has completed the Right-of-Entry (ROE) form, an arborist will identify Hazard Trees that are required to be removed in accordance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines.


Important information

Government Hazard Tree Removal FAQ
Private Hazard Tree Removal FAQ
Information for Tree Removal Contractors
Find an Arborist and/or verify an Arborist’s credentials.
Find a Registered Professional Forester and/or verify a Registered Professional Forester’s license.

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