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Plan for Skyway in the Event of Snow

Posted on November 22, 2018

Although snow is not currently in the forecast, we want to reassure residents that Butte County Public Works Department is on standby to provide snow removal on the Skyway above Inskip, in the event of snowfall.

Typically, this section of Skyway is not maintained during the winter. However, due to extraordinary circumstances and the closure of Skyway below Magalia, Butte County Public Works will maintain this section of Skyway until the lower roadways are reopened.

The snow will be plowed when appropriate, and roadways sanded as necessary to maintain the roadway surface for properly equipped vehicles. Residents that need to utilize this section of roadway should make efforts to properly prepare their vehicles for winter driving conditions. During winter driving conditions, tire chains or 4-wheel drive may be necessary, even if the roadway has been plowed and sanded.

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