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I’m having trouble coping with the disaster. What can I do?

Following a disaster, it’s important to remember that anxiety, sadness, and trouble sleeping are common responses to traumatic events. So are headaches and stomach aches, overeating, and loss of appetite. Everyone has different ways of coping, which can make people act differently than they usually do. The effect of a disaster or traumatic event goes far beyond its immediate devastation. It takes time for survivors to grieve and rebuild individual and family lives.

While everyone has different ways of coping, there are some steps to recovery from a disaster or traumatic event that are known to help many people.

  • Talk with someone.Connecting with and talking to others who accept and understand your feelings is the best way to help yourself.
  • Reestablish routines. Get back to doing the things you would normally do every day. This can help you regain a sense of control over your life and reduce anxiety.
  • Know that it’s okay to celebrate successes in the recovery process and have moments of joy even after a trauma. Return to doing things you enjoy as a family and spending time with friends.
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