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FAQ Topic: Re-Entry

If my home is still there, can I live there?

Building inspectors have inspected homes in the fire affected area that appear to have damage on the exterior. Based on the level of damage identified, your home may have a green, yellow or red placard. Please read your placard carefully to understand the damage assessment and level of occupancy safety determined. Homes that are free … Continued

What is in the re-entry packet?

When visiting fire-impacted areas, you will encounter dangerous conditions and will be exposed to hazardous materials. Environmental Health can provide re-entry health and safety kits at the Disaster Recovery Center. Please use these items to minimize exposure to toxic materials. Re-entry kits include: Full body Tyvek suit Rubber gloves N-95 mask Hazard Advisory & Health … Continued

My area is now open, what should I do to prepare to re-enter?

Residents need to be aware that the areas being lifted may have very limited services. Prior to returning home, residents are encouraged to take steps to ensure they have food, water, and fuel for their vehicles. Residents are advised not to use generators to power buildings or structures due to potential back feeding of electrical … Continued

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