Butte County Recovers-The official website for Butte County disaster response and recovery

What is being done to plan for local housing needs?

Local jurisdictions, including Butte County, the Town of Paradise and the cities of Chico, Gridley and Oroville are working together with state and federal agencies to support fire survivors through a Disaster Recovery Operations Center.

Several teams have been formed, including a Housing Division. The Housing Division serves as a single point of contact for referrals of housing solutions and/or available land.

What is the Housing Division Doing?

The Housing Division is currently:

  • Evaluating land and housing options, and making appropriate referrals to state and federal agencies that best match their programs
  • Evaluating data to identify short and long term housing needs
  • Evaluating emergency, short and long-term housing options
  • This team is working collaboratively with government agencies, as well as community organizations to review all available options.

The Housing Division encourages fire survivors who have experienced damage to register for FEMA assistance, even if they have insurance. Registering initiates various assistance programs that could be helpful, even if you may not have immediate needs

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