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FAQ Topic: Consolidated Debris Removal Program

If a property owner does not rebuild or purchase a property/home elsewhere, will the county still collect a portion of the insurance policy for debris removal?

The answer to this question depends on your individual insurance policy. There are generally two types of homeowners’ insurance policies. In rare circumstances, an insurance policy will pay the actual cash value of the home and there may be no coverage for debris removal. In that case, the county will not collect anything. This stands … Continued

Will the State’s Debris Task Force use local contractors in this effort?

The State’s Debris Task Force will choose a prime contractor who will hire subcontractors. The State’s Debris Task Force will make every effort to encourage the prime contractor to use local subcontractors. If you have any questions regarding the Consolidated Debris Removal Program, send them to debrisquestions@caloes.ca.gov or visit our website at wildfirerecovery.org. If you … Continued

Can I use my debris removal insurance policy to remove items that are ineligible for removal under the Consolidated Debris Removal program?

Yes. If you have a specified amount for debris removal in your insurance policy, you may use your insurance proceeds to remove fire related debris that is ineligible for removal under the program (e.g., swimming pools, patios, trees, etc…). The local government will only collect remaining insurance proceeds, if any, after you have removed ineligible … Continued

Who will pay for the debris removal?

All initial costs will be paid by state and federal agencies. However, if property owners have homeowners insurance covering debris removal, owners must inform local officials by indicating that coverage on their ROE. Homeowners may be required to remit that portion of their insurance proceeds specifically reserved for debris.

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