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FAQ Topic: Animals

What do I do if my pet did not survive?

If you find that your pet did not survive the fire, please refer to the guidelines outlined below to handle the remains of your pets in a manner that is safe and environmentally responsible: https://buttecountyrecovers.org/animals. You may also contact Butte County Animal Control and they will remove the deceased pet for you at no cost, … Continued

What if I’m unable to pick up my animal?

We understand this is a very difficult time for survivors of the fire, especially if your home has been destroyed. It is especially important to contact the shelter if your home has been destroyed so we can help you identify a longer-term solution and transition your animals to a more comfortable location. We know pet … Continued

How do I locate my lost animal?

If you are trying to locate a lost pet, please visit www.campfirerescuedanimals.com. A picture of every lost domestic animal in the emergency animal shelters is posted on this site. Follow the instructions on the website to pick up your pet. This service will be available for lost large animals and livestock soon.

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