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More Bus Service Restored to Paradise and Magalia

As residents of Paradise slowly begin to return, and some businesses begin to reopen, Butte Regional Transit (B-Line) is resuming bus service on Route 40, the intercity route between Paradise and Chico. This route also serves as the local service for the Town of Paradise. This service is set to begin on Monday, December 24, then after taking the day off for Christmas, will resume on Wednesday, December 26.

The routing of Route 40 will be the same as shown in the printed and on-line schedules, with the only difference being the number of runs taken throughout the day. Unless otherwise noted, all bus stops along the route will be open. The bus will use the currently published schedule with the exception of selected trips, which have been grayed out. This post-Camp Fire schedule is available on both the B-Line Facebook page and the B-Line website.

In addition, service on Route 41 to Magalia, which resumed on December 3, is now serving all bus stops along its route. Originally Route 41 bypassed the stops in the evacuated areas, but since those orders have been lifted, all stops are now open. The route, which had been modified, is now back to its original pre-fire pattern, with the exception being the Creston/Ponderosa area.

That area will not be serviced until further notice. This resumed bus service on the ridge also includes Saturday service. Selected runs on Route 40 as well as the full published Saturday Route 41 service will begin on Saturday Dec 29.

As conditions change, additional runs will be modified and/or resumed.

To see the complete routing and bus stops go to blinetransit.com, or pick up a B-Line bus schedule.

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