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SBA’s Office of Disaster Assistance

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Disaster Assistance offers low-interest disaster loans, which are the primary source of money to pay for repair or replacement costs to return primary residences to as close to pre-disaster recovery condition. These loans are as low as 2% fixed interest rate, with terms up to 30 years.

These loans also provide funds to replace personal property losses for both Homeowners and Renters, up to a statutory limit of $40,000, which can include automobiles. Under certain circumstances, SBA can also loan funds to assist homeowners to relocate out of the disaster area.

Due to the significant impact from the Camp Fire as well as the Hill and Woolsey fires in Southern CA, SBA has announced that the first payment on these loans will not be due until the twelfth month from the loan note date.

SBA disaster assistance loans are designed to provide recovery capital to businesses of all sizes, most private nonprofit organizations, as well as homeowners and renters, for their losses that are not fully covered by insurance or other compensation.

Businesses may borrow up to $2 million for any combination of property damage or economic injury. SBA’s assistance to small businesses and most nonprofit organizations for economic injury are for low-interest working capital loans (called Economic Injury Disaster Loans) to help businesses owners have cash flow to get through the recovery period.

These business loans can also assist Landlords that want to repair or rebuild rental properties and provide funding to Homeowner Associations ( and Condominium complexes) that are fully covered by insurance or other compensation.

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