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Mail Service Disruption/Post Offices

The following Post Offices have reopened:
  • Magalia, 14146 Skyway, CA 95954-9998
  • Stirling City, 16939 Skyway, CA 95978-9998
  • Paradise, 6469 Clark Rd, CA 95969-9998
    • Paradise residents can pick up their mail at the Paradise Postal Office Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm. Please note that Paradise mail is no longer available for pick up in Chico.

Mail in Magalia is available for pickup if customers are not home to sign for it and is brought to the postal office if the mail was not delivered. The mail is then stored at the Magalia postal office.

USPS Magalia is an availability office for Magalia street delivery according to Magalia postmaster Cheryl Hacker.

Feb. 9 will be the last day customers will be able to pick up mail over the counter at the Paradise post office.

Feb. 15 will be the last day that free P.O. boxes will be offered at both Magalia and Paradise postal offices. After the date customers have the option to pay $40 for six months for a small P.O. box.

Click here for a Paradise Post article on mail updates from January 30

Please check the www.usps.com  website for the most recent information.

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