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Housing & Shelters

UPDATE FEBRUARY 4, 2019 – Both the Town of Paradise Council and Butte County Supervisors amended their respective urgency ordinances for temporary housing to remove the provision that allowed temporary dwellings (RV, trailers, or other temporary dwellings) on properties with qualifying structural fire debris. Temporary dwellings will be permitted after a parcel is certified as clean.

Temporary RV parks are available at Lime Saddle Campground, 3428 Pentz Road for residents affected by this change. There is no cost for the RV space at each park. There are no hookups at the parks, but water and wastewater disposal will be provided by a water hauler. You will be responsible to pay for propane, gas for generators, and pumping for your wastewater tank.

These spaces are available on a first-come, first-placed basis. You must get a placard from Butte County before entering the RV Park. Please call Butte County at 530.538.7572 to get a placard. In order to qualify to stay at the park, you must be signed up for either the Government Program of the Alternative Debris Removal Program.

Please call the Town of Paradise of Butte County to report that you are affected by the change so your property cleanup can be prioritized if you are registered for the Government Debris Removal Program.

  • Town of Paradise – 530.872.6291 ext. 101
  • Butte County – Development Services: 530.552.3701

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Local jurisdictions, including Butte County, the Town of Paradise and the cities of Chico, Gridley and Oroville are working together with state and federal agencies to support fire survivors through a Disaster Recovery Operations Center.

Several teams have been formed, including a Housing Division. The Housing Division serves as a single point of contact for referrals of housing solutions and/or available land.

Any new housing information will be added on this section of the website. Current resources and information can be found in the menu on to the left.

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