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Camp Fire Tree Removal

The Government Program for Hazard Tree Removal on Private Property is Complete

Tree Removal on Private Property

The Town of Paradise and Butte County required private property owners to remove Hazard Trees on private property that are so fire damaged by the Camp Fire they are a threat to fall into public and eligible private roads traveled by the public.  Property owners enrolled in either the the Government Hazard Tree Removal Program or the Private Hazard Tree Removal Program for Hazard Tree removal.  Learn more about tree removal on private Property.

Tree Removal in the County Road Right-of-Way

The Butte County Department of Public Works removed burnt, dead and dying trees within the County road right-of-way as part of the Camp Fire recovery effort. An arborist hired by Butte County identified hazards trees that needed to be removed in accordance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines. The trees were removed by the Government Hazard Tree Removal Program.

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