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Town of Paradise Septic Systems Information

Post-Fire Septic Information for Residents of the Town of Paradise

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If my house was destroyed by the fire and I move an RV onto my property (*2/3 acre minimum required) before the debris is removed, do I need to have my septic inspected prior to connecting my RV to it?
No. However, pump systems (absorption field is higher in elevation than the septic tank) and engineered septic systems do require electricity to function.

If my house was NOT destroyed by the fire, do I need to have my septic inspected prior to moving back into my home?
Not for a standard gravity system, but you should be mindful of any slow draining plumbing fixtures or wet spots in the yard above the absorption field and contact a Town licensed septic evaluator if you encounter any of these situations. However, if your septic system has an effluent pump or is an engineered septic system an evaluation by a licensed septic evaluator is recommended prior to occupancy. Otherwise, you’ll just be notified in the future when your regularly scheduled evaluation is due and have it inspected at that time.

If I’m going to rebuild my home, do I need to have my septic system inspected?
Yes, if you intend on reconnecting to the existing septic system. After the debris removal has been completed, and before the building permit for the residence can be issued, you’ll need to contact a Town licensed septic evaluator to have the system inspected. If repairs are necessary, installation of new septic tanks and absorption fields cannot be permitted until after the debris removal is completed.

If my house is standing, but there’s damage to the septic system, do I need a permit to make repairs?
Yes. If septic repairs are required to the system you will need to secure a repair permit from the Onsite Sanitation Division. Engineered systems (sand filters, textile filters, etc) will require plans designed by a civil engineer.

If I don’t rebuild and want to sell my lot, do I need to have my septic inspected?
No. Septic systems on properties where the homes were destroyed by the Camp Fire will not need to be inspected prior to transferring title.

Can I get a copy of a map showing the location of my septic system?
Yes. In the property files kept at Town Hall there are copies of septic inspections as well as maps associated with any construction/repair permits issued for the septic system. You can come in person and get a copy of those maps or make a request for copies, via email, at townofparadisestaff@gmail.com.

Onsite Sanitation Division days/times:
5555 Skyway –Paradise
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Mon-Fri (thru +/- Jan 25th)
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mon-Thurs (starting +/- Jan 28th)

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